About ABC

ABC Organization... how did we choose the name? Actually a lot of thought went into the name. The ABC represents the alliance we intend to forge with lovers of aircraft, boats and cars. There are millions of people who love their vehicles, love the USA, and the people who fight for our freedom; those would be our soldiers on active duty and our veterans.

In reality the letters stand for aircraft, boats, bikes, cars, carts and every vehicle known to man... our target group of supporters are car lovers, bike lovers, pilots, race car drivers, show car owners, customizers, boat racers, Harley drivers, and everyone in between. We believe this may be the most patriotic group of supporters on planet earth!

From this vast group we are seeking volunteers and donations to support our wounded warrior cause, mobility. If you are interested in supporting our cause with a cash donation or any other our other requested donations please do not hesitate to contact us. And, if you have time to offer we would be happy to discuss your participation in our organization; please contact us for further discussion.