Joseph Miner

Joseph Miner - Joe is a second generation Californian and grew up in Newport Beach. The family moved because of his father's work at Lockheed Aircraft and they located in the San Fernando Valley.

Joe loved cars and his father would take him to the custom car shows of the day. Joe noticed that a shop by the name of Korky's Kustom Studios was the builder of many of the hot rods and customs in the shows. One day Joe and his dad were driving down Roscoe in the valley and Joe noticed the shop and begged his dad to stop by. Amazingly the shop was only a few miles from home! Joe and his dad went in and asked to look around. Korky, who was just 35 at that time, allowed the inspection. He did not know what he was in for... Joe was at his shop every day after school, pestering Korky until Korky gave him a job; and he did. Joe began working for Korky Korkes at just 15 years old after school.

This was a dream job for a 15 year old who loved cars and Joe took advantage leaning all he could at the shop. Joe worked on the team that built all the National Football League stadium carts, and the Major League Baseball carts. Famous cars and famous people came and went from the shop on a daily basis and Joe had the privilege of working,and learning his automotive skills, at one of the more famous Southern California car culture shops and an icon in the customizing business; Korky Korkes.

Joe has always been an innovator and entrepreneur. At 12 he was building and selling custom slot car frames for as much as $100. He filled made his dad's garage into a "clacker factory" at 14 and sold them to the local stores. After working at Korky's shop he was doing body work at 16 for high school friends, opened the first mobile detailing business in Newport Beach during college and eventually entered the real estate and development business.

Joe had a conversation with Korky with an idea about a new type of cart for our war vets. Korky loved the idea and was immediately on board. Joe and Korky then visited with Gale Black and Gail loved the idea too.

The first cart for modification was purchased in May 2012. Joe stated "We all decided nothing would feel better than doing something special for our vets."